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PTI to bring back looted wealth from abroad: Imran Khan

SLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan called for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to first respond to opposition’s questions about his offshore wealth and then demand the same from others.


“I ask Mian saab (Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif) to reply to the questions and then definitely ask questions from all others,” Khan told his supporters in Faisalabad, a PML-N stronghold.

“If you make Nawaz Sharif the Prime Minister of UK, it would go down in no time. When you let a corrupt rule the country, it ruins all the state institutions,” he said.

Khan said that his party, if voted to power, would bring back Pakistan’s USD200 billion from abroad.

PIA, when run by the honest people, was a leading airline in the world, and now suffering from losses,” he said.

The PTI chief demanded accountability must begin from the top.


If you want to live in a developed Pakistan, you’ll have to hold the powerful accountable,” he said.

Khan said that there were two movements in Pakistan. One was backing save corruption while the rest was against the eradication of menace.

“In coming days everything will be crustal clear Inshallah, we’ll win our war against corruption soon,” he said.

He also pledged that PTI would protect the rights of Christians and other minorities.

“I want to tell my Christian community that Inshahallah PTI government will bring a system to protect yours rights,” he said.

The PTI chief also backed the protest called by farmers in Lahore on May 23.

“If this nation develops the trust that their money is going to be spent on their issues, they will pay maximum taxes,” he said.

Khan also played a video about the contradictory statements by the members of the Sharif family.

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